Announcing Two New Special Limited Edition Korg and Vox Products for 2014

The highly acclaimed KORG Pitchblack guitar/bass pedal tuner is now available in a limited edition sophisticated gold finish.

KORG has been expanding their colour selections of the classic Pitchblack pedal tuner, so musicians can freely select the colour that best suits them. Now in 2014, KORG has introduced another new limited-edition colour: a much-requested gold model. With a plated mirror-finish, it exudes an unprecedented high-end feel. Sonically and visually, this model makes a statement.

VOX Lil' Night Train Limited Edition Gold Set

The Lil' Night Train Set, overwhelmingly popular for its full-tube sound and modern looks, is now available in a limited edition gold colour in addition to the original version. It features VOX's traditional design with the combination of a gold-coloured amplifier head that's iconically VOX, paired with a speaker cabinet sporting the traditional VOX diamond grille cloth and basket-weave vinyl. The limited edition Lil’ Night Train Set will definitely stand out from the crowd with its gorgeous gold finish, and of course the iconic tone that VOX is known for.

Vox Night Train



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